Welcome to the Advanced 12-Week Spotter Hypertrophy Protocol

  • Four specific training phases to attain clear cut goals to build on specific areas
  • Use the most scientifically proven strategies to pack on pounds of muscle
  • Manipulate muscle strength curve to complete change exercises
  • Make the very most of the most sought after training techniques and tools
  • Audio recording on each phase to break down thought process and methodologies
  • All compiled into 12 weeks of training to build as much muscle as possible
  • Exercise Execution Videos

    Even the best program in the world is no good if does not address form. I want no stone upturned in trying to get your dream body. There I have included a full instructional video of the movement phase for you to nail your form before moving to the next phase.

  • Audible Description

    Each phase has a specific goal and outcome behind it. I have added this so I can walk you through the game plan, so you know what you’re in for and are ready to hit it hard.

  • Reps, tempos, rest days!

    These are all massively important to someones success. You only grow as fast as your recovery. In a time where everyone is focused on the next best pre-workout, I want to see what it really takes to perform at a high level and focus on the recovery aspect so you come back bigger and stronger every time.

  • Email Support

    One of our Spotter Certified Trainers will be one click away with any questions you have about the program or how to get the most out of it. We aren’t just aliens sitting behind a screen, we want you to know we are killing these workouts too.

  • Specific & Progressive Training

    Each phase will focus on a specific outcome. You will learn how to as effective as possible to achieve a specific outcome to catapult your training results. Learn a whole new level of training progression. All phases are specifically placed in an order so that each workout, every workout is building on the last.

  • Mobile Friendly PDF Files

    All files have unlimited downloads available that are an easy to use PDF format so you can either print off or keep on your phone. There will never be a dull workout, with each and every day progressing on the last, to push you to a new level of training.

  • Progression Training

    I don’t just want you to go through the plan and then move on. I want this protocol to be the blueprint to how you structure your training, both now and in the future. I am confident there is so much you will learn from this and will be apply to apply to your training for years to come. Welcome to an eye opening experience.

In The Spotter Protocol You Will Discover...

  • 1

    Movement Phase

    How to correct movement patterns so that you can FEEL the muscle working, fix imbalances and control every INCH if EVERY rep (week 1-2)

  • 2

    Strength Phase

    Build explosive power into these new movements. After the movement phase has taught you to control the weight and contract hard, we start building powerful contractions (weeks 3-4)

  • 3

    Functional Hypertrophy Stage

    Learn how build on this explosive strength effectively to maximize the strength and size momentum you are getting, by this point you will feel strong!! (week 5-6)

  • 4

    Progressive Volume Phase

    Then you will learn how to pull it all together by bringing in multiple angles and building volume, after this process you will drive results through the roof! (week 7-12)

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Protocol

His knowledge of the body, the body's make up, functions and how food affects us is second to none. You only have to look at the job he has done on his own physique to appreciate his skill.

Lynaire Monnery

Olly has given me the tools I needed to understand what my body needs in order function properly and see positive results. His holistic approach to health and well-being and unconditional support has motivated me to work harder and make less excuses

Thea Meredith

I found that Olly was able to give me techniques that made a difference. He was also able to explain why and how my body worked in response to the things he suggested. Really informative, motivating and non-judgemental. I really recommend Olly; you will get results!

Diana Shepard

Olly really knows his stuff. He listens to my particular needs, and quickly adapts what we do accordingly.

Allan Shaw
  • Effectively progress your workout into structured training phases
  • Execute movements effectively on the targeted muscle
  • How a strength curve affects training and how you can manipulate it
  • How to use bands to catapult your muscle growth and save your joints
  • Learn tonnes of new angles and training theories that can be applied to any plan!

30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you find this program doesn’t transform your way of training we will happily give you a full refund. This is a no-risk guarantee that you will love this program!