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Aiming to provide the best quality resistance/strength/exercise bands and information

Spotter Fitness Resistance Bands are a reliable, multi-purpose training tool which almost any user will find a purpose for! Such as the following:

Guarantee: If your Spotter resistance bands break within the first 1 year of normal gym activities we will replace it for free. We have tested these bands to their limits to ensure their quality.

For a better idea on how and where to use resistance bands, check out my YouTube Channel

Assisted pull ups: Resistance bands provide a fantastic way to perform assisted pull-ups. This is a great training tool for those who want to increase their pull-up performance or affect the strength curve.

Increasing load at the end of a movement: Resistance bands can be attached to a barbell or used with dumbbells to create an effect where the resistance of a strength training exercise will be greater towards the end range of the motion. This is a great way to strengthen the ‘sticking point’ in a particular movement, such as the lock-out portion of a bench press!

Additional intensifiers: Resistance bands are a fantastic tool to finish a muscle off, I find them particularly useful with shoulders. Apart from the various mobility options, the #1 red band is fantastic at getting the extra last squeeze out of the muscle or even activation work before hand.

Stretching: Resistance bands can be a fantastic tool to assist with performing various stretches after exercise. The use of a resistance band can allow you to perform stretches yourself which you may otherwise need a partner for to apply enough pressure to achieve a good stretch.

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