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Learn advanced training and nutrition strategies to progress effectively!

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Tailored Diet Specific to your Goals, Body Type, Training Plan, Hormones, Lifestyle and Personal Preference

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    Advanced nutrition plan with specific pre, during and post workout nutrition strategies.

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    Tailored undulating carb cycling approach allowing you to pack on muscle, improve strength while dropping fat, fast.

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    Calorie shifting and cycling to maximise anabolic hormones, metabolism, cortisol ratios, performance, hunger hormones and eliminate dieting plateaus.

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    Periodized diet specific to training blocks and goals - you periodize your training, why would you not periodize your diet? Nothing linear is good, your body is an adaptive survival machine!

The Ultimate Training Plan - Nothing But Results

Combining 7 years of training (adding 40kg/80lbs myself), working with hundreds of clients both in a seminar and one on one setting and investing thousands on a consistent basis to work with the best authorities in the industry.

  • Weekly training overview breaking down the reps, sets, time period, specific supplements, advanced training variables and mechanism of hypertrophy.
  • Detailed breakdown of every workout with each exercise listing, tempos, reps, rest period, pairing, advanced training variables and set up / execution tips.
  • Strength Curve manipulation to cause rapid growth and maximal muscle fibre and motor unit recruitment.
  • Tailored HIIT and cardio routines integrated to maximise lipolysis and fat oxidation while eliminating muscle loss.
  • Training intensity, frequency, volume and overall training block tailored to you, your lifestyle and goals.
  • anipulation and periodization of training volume, rep ranges, advanced training variables and frequency to ensure rapid and consistent progress.
  • Totally new workouts and programs every 4 weeks to keep progress fast and consistent without plateaus!


  Tailored supplement protocol based on YOU as an INDIVIDUAL. This includes your goals, lifestyle, diet, country, gender, blood work, hormones, health issues and constant feedback you provide every week.

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    Downloadable PDFs for your iphone or printable versions to take to the gym.

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    "Ultimate Workout Stack" to optimize performance, cell signalling, fat loss, fat utilization, reduce soreness, increase strength, focus, energy and DOUBLE muscle growth (all backed by peer reviewed research studies)

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    "Super Health Stack" to improve long-term health, reduce disease risk and make sure you have a strong foundation to support your training.

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    Recovery stack to aid recovery and repair, allowing you to train hard and more often.

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    Gut health protocols to aid digestion, nutrient absorption and gut microbiome. Studies have shown poor gut health causes rapid fat gain and disease. Simple fixes to gut health can cause drastic weight loss alone.

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    Listed protocols and a done-for-you guide. Simply follow the cheat sheet provided, no confusing doses or timing issues. I handle all the hard work, all you have to do is pop some pills!

Do you want to achieve the following?

Either a rapid fat loss, muscle mass or body re-composition (fat loss and muscle growth at the same time) transformation.

You must be willing to stick to the diet plan, now don't worry I believe in tasty food and a balanced approach. However, at times you may need to be strict and stay off the pizza at the weekends.

You must be injury free, the odd ache and pain is fine. However, if you can't squat, pull or press a bar it will make it hard to achieve a rapid transformation.

You must have some experience with food prep, macros and cooking. I'll give you all the tools but if you do not know what a carb or protein is then the learning curve will be too steep.

You must be highly dedicated and motivated to transform your body. It must be a key goal and priority in your life at this point.

If you are ready to get started your the best body of life and learn along the way, feel free to ask me more or fill out the form to get underway!

Personal Online Coaching Summary

Here's a break-down of what you can expect out of your first month with me.

His knowledge of the body, the body's make up, functions and how food affects us is second to none. You only have to look at the job he has done on his own physique to appreciate his skill.

Olly has given me the tools I needed to understand what my body needs in order function properly and see positive results. His holistic approach to health and well-being and unconditional support has motivated me to work harder and make less excuses

  • Monthly Skype Calls For Real Interaction and Value
  • Monthly Personalized Workouts Specific To Your Body
  • Goal Oriented Plans For Success
  • Game Changing Nutrition Plans To Enhance Your Physique
  • Body Critique and Movement Assessments
  • If you work hard, these will be the best workouts of your life!

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